Unique, Cool, and Secure Android Lock Screen Apps

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Recommended by 303 people

Usually our android has this screen lock options
And muchad ever using Pattern lock screen but the pattern is like this hehe
This 6×6 pattern available in Cyanogen. And now muchad using another android lock screen app that cool, unique and more secure. All my friends always ask how to set the lock screen like this:
[maybe later I’ll upload the video]
This is the app that muchad use, you can have it, you can install it in your android. It’s available in free and paid. Just click this to open in Google Play.

Picture Lockscreen Password

Yupz, to unlock this lock screen we must draw in true position as we set. We can draw gestures such as point, circle, line or combination of gestures in picture that we choose. So it’s too difficult to other people to find the position. My friends see how I draw to unlock my phone but they still can’t do it hehe. It’s secure and really cool.

My friends, this picture is fake, it’s just a screenshot of my real home screen, so if you touch the icon nothing happens coz actually just a picture. And this is the answer to unlock my phone hehe.


This post is for all my friends that always ask my cool lock screen. Have a nice day

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